Welcome to the award-winning The Sunshine Project.

For almost a decade I’ve been supporting hundreds of groups and individuals discharge stress and ultimately realise their full potential to live more authentic, meaningful lives.

I strongly believe in the power of healing & transformation.

There is something very special about the coming together as a group.  The connection, the safety, and community spirit all contribute to having a sense of belonging, which is something we all desperately need in these uncertain times.

Cultivating compassion & kindness is at the heart and soul of all our workshops, courses & programmes.

I look forward to connecting with you sometime soon.

Until then, be well.


Embodied Self-Care
Be Mindful - A Guide to Living a More Conscious Life
Be Mindful - A Guide to Living a More Conscious Life
Certified Laughter Yoga leader Training
Certified Laughter Yoga leader Training
Living on Purpose - Creating a more meaningful & fulfilled life.
Living on Purpose - Creating a more meaningful & fulfilled life
Embodied Self Care
Embodied Self-Care

About Us

The Sunshine Project was founded by Michelle Major in 2012 and was Northern Ireland’s very first dedicated Laughter Wellness business.  We have grown organically over the years  supporting a wide range of organisations and clients.  We won the prestigious ‘Business of the Year’ award in November 2016 from the Local Women Business Awards!

Sunshine Services

We have developed a range of positive programmes specifically designed to empower adults and children with the positive tools to manage the stress in their lives, understand their emotions, whilst promoting confidence, self-esteem, peace & calmness.

Our positive programmes explore a wide range of Mindfulness Based Practises, Laughter Yoga & Creative Play, Positive Thinking, Emotional IQ, and Happiness Habits. All our programmes integrate the Mind & Body Connection and are based on scientific research.

Our clients include community organisations, public & private sector, corporate organisations, schools, conferences & events. If you are interested in one of our programmes, please contact us here.

We also lead a number of Certified Professional Courses and workshops on a regular basis.

Michelle with coffee cup

Work with Michelle

I am passionate about helping others heal and transform their lives.

Michelle Major

Michelle Major, founder of The Sunshine Project & pioneer of Laughter Yoga NI, was Northern Ireland’s first Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.  Michelle has spent almost a decade developing & delivering wellness & stress management courses to hundreds of groups & organisations.

“It is my life purpose to help support others heal and transform their lives.  I have dedicated my life to discovering what creates lasting change & wellness.  Everything I share in my courses are things I have learnt along my journey, and more importantly, use everyday to keep me grounded, healthy and well.”

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Michelle Major

Sunshine Services

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

Professional Training

Professional Training

Online Courses

Online Courses

Community, Education & Business

Community, Education & Business

How we have helped others…

The BE HAPPY NOW course really gave me a lift and awakened interests. I found it really helpful. The course tutor was fantastic, enthusiastic and inspirational.
Louise, Attendee of Be Happy Now programme
I had the pleasure of participating in Laughter Yoga with Michelle recently. Michelle brought a smile, a giggle, a hearty laugh not only to my face but to my soul. I have no doubt this has changed my outlook in everyday life. I now use the simple exercises every day and use Laughter yoga as my free vacation from the busy busy world
Michelle delivered the ‘Be Happy Now’ course to clients within our service, AMH New Horizons, a wide range of people of all ages, both males & females participated. It was an excellent course which included: Affirmations, forgiveness, gratitude, peak positive state & laughter therapy myself & clients really enjoyed all the sessions. The course offered lots of different positive ideas & tips for good personal well being, stress reduction, & relaxation techniques. The feedback & evaluations were excellent with clients involved very enthusiastic & said they could use information gained in the future.
Colette, AMH New Horizons
Michelle has facilitated Laughter Yoga sessions for some of East Belfast Community Development Agency’s health events and the response from participants has been great. We find that people of all ages really engage with the session and thoroughly enjoy it. On one occasion we closed a day-long event with a session of Laughter Yoga and found it a really nice way to round off a busy programme. Michelle is very good at getting people to open their mind and get involved and it’s a great way to break the ice and build camaraderie among a group.
Clare, Community Development Officer
The BE HAPPY NOW course was a lovely programme with excellent relaxation techniques
Definitely feel my mood has changed to move positive & feel much less stressed mentally – I’ve laughed it all out!
Natalie, attendee of Breathe, Laugh & Relax class
Feel more energised, calmer & relaxed…had been having chest problems & feel this has helped
Alma, attendee of Breathe, Laugh & Relax class
Absolutely brilliant. Learning to be free to be able to laugh, without self-consciousness is freeing
Deborah, attendee of Breathe, Laugh & Relax class
Good therapy as well as team building
Peter, attendee of Laughter Workshop at a team development day
Laughing – something I need to do more of, as I work in a very serious environment. Thoroughly enjoyed this totally unique experience. So interesting. So contagious. Thank you
Sarah, attendee of Laughter Workshop
I would love to see a lot more of these classes. I work in mental health & feel these therapies are invaluable
Colette, attendee of Laughter Workshop
This is a completely new concept to me and I am very glad to have attended, as it has made me aware of the state of my mental health/emotions and has given a me a way to improve
D. McCabrey