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We have developed a range of trauma-informed and evidence-based emotional wellbeing programmes specifically designed to empower adults and children with the somatic tools & techniques to manage the stress in their lives and to invite more regulation & responsiveness to their Autonomic Nervous System.

Our training programmes, workshops & individual therapeutic sessions include an integration of neuroscience, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), physiology, ethology, mindfulness, and energy therapy.

Our clients include community organisations, public & private sector, corporate organisations, schools, conferences & events.

All of our programmes can now be delivered online via Zoom or in-person.

If you are interested in one of our programmes, please contact us here.

Programmes include:

  • Rest, Relax & Recharge
  • Flourishing
  • Be Happy Kids
  • Be Cool.  Be Calm
  • Be YourSelfie
  • Breathe, Laugh & Relax

Programmes can be delivered as a taster session or over a number of weeks depending on the group requirement.

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Breathe, Laugh & Relax™

Join Michelle for 90-mins of practical somatic tools to help your nervous system come into more regulation and responsiveness.

We meet on the last Sunday of every month at Roe Valley Therapy Centre, Limavady from 10.30am to 12-noon.

The sessions are also LIVE streamed so you can now join from the comfort of your own home!

The investment is £15 (non-refundable).

2023 Dates

Sunday 29th January

Sunday 26th February

Sunday 26th March

Sunday 30th April

Sunday 28th May

Sunday 25th June

Sunday 30th July

Sunday 27th August

Sunday 24th September

Sunday 29th October

Sunday 26th November

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About Michelle Major

Michelle Major

Michelle has facilitated a series of mental and emotional well-being online sessions tailored for individuals living with a brain injury and their Carers at Headway. Her professionalism and work ethic is impeccable. These sessions have empowered these participants to realise their own potential so that they can live fulfilled and happy lives post injury. I cannot recommend Michelle and her work enough.Your Content Goes Here

Pamela Bell, ABI Services Co-ordinator for (Mid- Antrim) Northern Trust and Southern Trust

I have known Michelle for 8 years and have booked her to deliver sessions to a wide range of audiences – Parents and Tots, Girl Guides, School staff and pupils, Office staff and community representatives, less abled groups and seniors. Michelles’ style is bright and uptempo, uplifting and fun. The practices she teaches are evidence based and are shared in easy to follow ways enabling participants to easily recall them to help uplift, ground or relax mood. Michelle is a very good facilitator bringing together just enough information and ensuring safe practice. Participants have reported that sessions have made them feel brighter, happy, brought more colour to their lives, instilled hope, comfort, relief and joy. Michelles sessions have been known to be extended due to participant feedback and demand. Michelle has a generous approach to facilitation and shares her knowledge in a very down to earth and supportive way. I wish Michelle every success and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Amanda Elliott, Community Based Suicide Prevention Development Officer, Northern Area Community Network (NACN) & Causeway Rural & Urban Network (CRUN)