Michelle A Major

Michelle A. Major

Michelle A. Major, founder of The Sunshine Project is a leading expert in laughter & happiness habits. Michelle was the first Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher in Northern Ireland. Michelle is also an NLP Practitioner/Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Corporate Coach/Trainer. Michelle is a popular inspirational and motivational speaker at events and conferences.

Michelle offers a unique combination of experience, qualifications and creative talent, together with a high energy, passion and enthusiasm, which is highly contagious!

Michelle has a wealth of experience working in partnership with many community, charity, corporate and public organisations. Michelle has facilitated groups with adults of all ages; has worked with and supported adults with varying mental health challenges and disabilities. Michelle has also facilitated programmes designed specifically for young people and teenagers.

“It is my vision to spread joy, happiness and laughter habits to every corner of Ireland. I have dedicated over 14-years of my life to discovering what makes people happy. It is my mission to empower others with the positive tools that have transformed my life so that they too can lead a happier, more joyful life.”

With over 14 years experience coaching & leading teams in the corporate world, Michelle has a strong understanding and knowledge of people, their learning styles, and how to unlock pure potential to create results.

Michelle Major

Michelle has over 7 years experience in various wellness practices such as Laughter Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness, Stress-Management and Meditation.

Michelle’s core strength is her ability to encourage others to step into their real authentic power. Michelle’s approach is refreshing, motivational, energetic, supportive, and challenging.

Michelle believes in creating a safe environment so that others can be their own unique self – “this is when real growth and learning starts” says Michelle.

Michelle’s delivery is fun, interactive and dynamic, which offers a highly engaging space to grow and learn in a practical and fresh new way.

Michelle is passionate about sharing and spreading joy, laughter and happiness throughout Ireland.

Michelle is committed to her own continuous learning and growth. “We are all teachers and students.”

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