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Becoming Trauma-Informed

This training is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.  Unlike other academic-based trauma-informed courses, this training embodies a SOMATIC framework and offers a unique blend of both educational and experiential learning.  This depth-based type of learning integrates both a ‘top down’ (cognitive) and ‘bottom up’ (body-oriented) approach with a focus on neuroscience and the brain, body, mind connection.

Participants will leave the training not only gaining more awareness around a trauma-informed approach but they will also have tangible practical tools to support them with their work.

This training is suitable for anyone working within community, charity, education, or supportive/caring roles.  You do not need any prior knowledge or experience.

We offer introductory sessions, half day training or full day trainings.  We can also deliver over a number of weeks if that’s preferable.  The models include the following:

The Autonomic Nervous System

Module 1 – Trauma Awareness:

  • What is Trauma
  • Trauma in the Wild
  • Types of Trauma

Module 2 – The Autonomic Nervous System:

  • Sympathetic Nervous System
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • Nervous System Cycles
  • Triune Brain Model

Module 3 – The Social Nervous System:

  • Creating Safety
  • Polyvagal Theory
  • Evolution of the Nervous System
  • The Fawn Response

Module 4 – Resources:

  • Tools & techniques to support nervous system regulation & responsiveness
  • Up-regulation V’s down-regulaton
  • How to notice your own stress responses
  • Creating healthy boundaries to prevent burnout
The BE HAPPY NOW course really gave me a lift and awakened interests. I found it really helpful. The course tutor was fantastic, enthusiastic and inspirational.
Louise, Attendee of Be Happy Now programme
Absolutely brilliant. Learning to be free to be able to laugh, without self-consciousness is freeing
Deborah, attendee of Breathe, Laugh & Relax class
This is a completely new concept to me and I am very glad to have attended, as it has made me aware of the state of my mental health/emotions and has given a me a way to improve
D. McCabrey
Feel more energised, calmer & relaxed…had been having chest problems & feel this has helped
Alma, attendee of Breathe, Laugh & Relax class
Definitely feel my mood has changed to move positive & feel much less stressed mentally – I’ve laughed it all out!
Natalie, attendee of Breathe, Laugh & Relax class
The BE HAPPY NOW course was a lovely programme with excellent relaxation techniques
I would love to see a lot more of these classes. I work in mental health & feel these therapies are invaluable
Colette, attendee of Laughter Workshop
Laughing – something I need to do more of, as I work in a very serious environment. Thoroughly enjoyed this totally unique experience. So interesting. So contagious. Thank you
Sarah, attendee of Laughter Workshop

I completed Laughter Yoga Leader training with Michelle. She is a skillful facilitator who brings knowledge and insight to the sessions. Her calmness and obvious joy in what she does is contagious and allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the experience without any sense of being self conscious. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Joanne McCauley

I completed Michelle’s two-day laughter yoga training last week in beautiful Co.Donegal.

Michelle was amazing, she made us all feel so comfortable so that we got the best out of the training. Her knowledge in this topic was delivering in a professional but fun way. She showed up for us, helped us connect to a part of ourselves that, let face it we don’t connect to enough! I experienced exactly what it’s said on the tin, laughter, laughter and more laughter ! The content, exercises and business side of the training with delivered with love . I felt so uplifted, energised and connected to myself when I completed this course. I would highly recommend doing this training and bringing it out to your communities.

Sinead Mc Ilvenna
I had the pleasure of participating in Laughter Yoga with Michelle recently. Michelle brought a smile, a giggle, a hearty laugh not only to my face but to my soul. I have no doubt this has changed my outlook in everyday life. I now use the simple exercises every day and use Laughter yoga as my free vacation from the busy busy world
Good therapy as well as team building
Peter, attendee of Laughter Workshop at a team development day

“I attended and completed laughter yoga leader training yesterday ,it was a wonderful experience and I would recommend Michelle to anyone or any organisations as she is in one of the most authentic, congruent and fun trainers out there, just wish it had been longer, if you are thinking about it just do it as you won’t be disappointed.

Mark Aspire
Michelle has facilitated Laughter Yoga sessions for some of East Belfast Community Development Agency’s health events and the response from participants has been great. We find that people of all ages really engage with the session and thoroughly enjoy it. On one occasion we closed a day-long event with a session of Laughter Yoga and found it a really nice way to round off a busy programme. Michelle is very good at getting people to open their mind and get involved and it’s a great way to break the ice and build camaraderie among a group.
Clare, Community Development Officer
Michelle delivered the ‘Be Happy Now’ course to clients within our service, AMH New Horizons, a wide range of people of all ages, both males & females participated. It was an excellent course which included: Affirmations, forgiveness, gratitude, peak positive state & laughter therapy myself & clients really enjoyed all the sessions. The course offered lots of different positive ideas & tips for good personal well being, stress reduction, & relaxation techniques. The feedback & evaluations were excellent with clients involved very enthusiastic & said they could use information gained in the future.
Colette, AMH New Horizons

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