Be Happy Now Programme

“The BE HAPPY NOW course was a lovely programme with excellent relaxation techniques. Definitely feel my mood has changed to move positive & feel much less stressed mentally – I’ve laughed it all out!” (Natalie)

Happy Face Clock

This BE HAPPY NOW programme can be delivered either over 2-days or 6-weeks during which we explore the 6 main ingredients to achieving a happier, more fulfilled, meaningful life.
The six key ingredients are:

1) Slice of Peak Positive State
2) Dollop of Laughter Yoga
3) Tablespoon of Mindfulness
4) Handful of Positive Affirmations
5) Pinch of Forgiveness/Letting Go
6) Sprinkle of Gratitude

"The BE HAPPY NOW course really gave me a lift and awakened interests. I found it really helpful. The course tutor was fantastic, enthusiastic and inspirational." (Louise)