Be Happy Kids

This nurturing programme is delivered by Michelle Major.

Over the agreed number of weeks we will explore 6 key ingredients to creating happy, confident & calm children. Michelle will use a variety of creative crafting and play to explore the following key areas:

Happy children

Week 1 – Slice of Positive Affirmations

Children will learn how to express their emotions using colourful affirmation cards. These provide a wonderful way to help children develop self-confidence & self-esteem.

Week 2 - Dollop of Laughter Therapy

Through the power of creative playfulness and laughter therapy children will develop a greater connection with their fellow pupils. This is perfect for schools with ethinic minorities or problems with bullying.

Week 3 - Tablespoon of Mindfulness

Children will learn a series of mindfulness techniques such as breathing & guided relaxation. These techniques help children become more creative, relaxed, calm & focused.

Week 4 – Handful of Kindness

Studies show that random acts of kindness can help children become happier and more accepted by their peers.

Week 5 - Pinch of Happiness

This week is all about creative crafting. Children will craft happiness items that they can bring home so they can continue their happiness journey with their parents/guardians. This also helps the parents to become involved in the childs continued development and growth.

Week 6 - Sprinkle of Gratitude

Continuing on the theme of creative crafting, the final week explores gratitude. When we are gratful it is impossible to think or feel any negative emotion. This helps develop a childs emotional resilience & intelligence.