Melissa O’Neill

Melissa O’Neill is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Approved Sunshine Leader with over 20 years within the wellness industry, Melissa’s passion for wellness and wellbeing began in her late teens and her journey has taken her on an international path, giving her the opportunity to both share with and learn from the amazing people she has met along the way.

She believes that wellness can be found in many forms and everyone’s path to wellness is personal and unique. We all face challenges in daily life and most of us are searching for a way to regain more balance, more positivity and ultimately more happiness in our lives, both at home and our places of work.

Living and working in Australia, Ireland, Middle East and U.K, Melissa has gained a multi cultural perspective of health and wellness and loves learning about ancient rituals and keeping up with the newest ideas.

One medium in particular that is a common denominator to everyone she has met and worked with is laughter! “Laughter is great for breaking down barriers, creating lasting bonds, activating a positive state of mind and is a wonderful way to help us through our challenges and live a more joyous life” beams Melissa.

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