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  • Join Michelle for 90-mins of practical somatic tools to help your nervous system come into more regulation and responsiveness.
    Knowing something isn't the same as experiencing something.
    It's great that we are hearing so much about the nervous system in mainstream media now.
    We can read lots of books and posts about how to regulate our nervous system but we actually need to experience this in the body to really integrate this important knowledge.
    'Breathe, Laugh & Relax' is an integration between nervous system education and experiential practice.
    Whether you're a professional working in mental health and in need some quality self-care or perhaps you're curious about befriending your own nervous system. Maybe you've read all the books and done all the 'positive affirmations' but you still feel stuck!
    Breathe, Laugh & Relax is a supportive community where you gain a solid understanding of how your nervous system operates in the real-world.
    During the workshop we will explore the following:
    • Orientation & Stabliation
    • Nervous system states
    • Creating safe connections
    • Breathing exercises
    • Therapeutic Laughter
    • Somatic movements
    • Gentle stretching
    • Yoga Nidra relaxation
    We meet every month from 10.30am to 12-noon in the Girvan Room at Portrush Town Hall. Starting from November we will LIVE stream the sessions so that those who live further a field can join us remotely from the comfort of their home.  Please note the live stream will NOT be recorded. The investment is £15 (non-refundable). Autumn Dates Sunday 25th September Sunday 23rd October Sunday 27th November (In-person & online options available) Christmas Special - Winter Solstice - Wednesday 21st December - 7pm to 9pm (In-person & Online available)  
  • Join our growing community of Laughter Yoga Leaders and help share the joy!
  • Join, Michelle, for a nurturing & insightful workshop

    Gain a real-life understanding of your nervous system.



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