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We are a year into a Global Pandemic.

During the last 12-months I’ve been supporting my groups & clients remotely via Zoom.

We may be physically apart, but we can still be socially connected.

As we emerge from this extremely stressful year, there are lots to consider and heal from.

During this time I have been in a deeply reflective state, using the lockdown periods as my own personal ‘hibernation phase’ to research & study the nervous system.

My curiosity has unearthed some truly remarkable

discoveries about the impact culture, society, politics, medicine, and spirituality has on the female body, which I believe are important insights which will help empower us, as women, to emerge out of this Global Pandemic stronger & wiser.

We must ask ourselves…

How do we want to emerge from this difficult time?

How will we relate to one another again?

How will we build community, tolerance & resilience?

Many of us are starved of touch & intimacy; feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

How can we restore our life-force energy?

How can we feel safe again?

How can we find our passion & purpose again?

As women the expectations on us over the last year as been huge, with many of us juggling motherhood, work, relationships, emergency education, caring for relatives, managing finances, and cooking – all whilst trying to navigate our own emotions, fears and uncertainties.

Who helps us regulate our nervous system?

Are you…

A mother with little privacy or space, craving for community?

A woman feeling outraged about the recent

violence & victim blaming?

Feeling weary from it all the unrest & rioting?

In need of a safe place to rest, feel held and supported?

Longing for meaningful connections & conversations?

If you care about other humans, our planet & your own personal healing journey, welcome – you’re in the right place!

I’d love for you to join me, Michelle, and a community of like-minded women who genuinely care about our

future and what it looks and feels like.

Course Content:

Within the foundations of the ‘Self-Care Framework’ Michelle has developed, the following topics will be discussed:

How stress resides in the nervous system

Why safety is important

The mind/body TAG team

Cultural & social conditioning of female bodies

Understanding biochemical & physiological responses in relation to the female body

Listening closely to your inner voice

Trusting your body & gut instinct

Creating healthy boundaries

Understanding your own life-force energy

Why unlearning is more important than learning

Avoiding the comparison trap and why this is so difficult for women & mothers

Developing self-compassion & kindness

The complexity of forgiveness

What it really means to be grounded

Toxic positivity

Course Format:

Four 90-min weekly webinars
(recorded if you can’t attend live)
Private Facebook Community

Each Week Includes:

Live class
Breath Work
Mindful Practices
Gentle Movement
Self-reflection exercises
Facebook discussions

What Showing Up Looks Like:

You can join the live sessions or watch on replay
You can choose to have your video on or off
You can choose to ask questions or not
There will be an option to use the ‘chat’ to text
questions if you’d prefer not to speak

Please note the recordings will only show me, the facilitator, and not the participants

Investment: £147

Super Early Bird Discount: Half Price – £75


EMBODIED SELF-CARE A Grounded Approach to Healing

Building Community & Connections

There is something very special, powerful & liberating about the coming together of women.

All too often we are shamed for our sexuality, our births, our mothering, our career choices, our bodies, our shape/size, our weight, our desires, and ultimately our choices.

It’s exhausting!

The problem is we don’t have enough real-life mirrors being held up in front of us.

Instead, we have these constant unrealistic ‘Instagram’ filters, which create toxic comparison & high expectations.

Again, it’s exhausting!

When we are with other real women we get to see ourselves in each other. We realise we are not alone and our feelings & experiences are valid.

This is when real transformative healing occurs.

Shame & feelings of not being good enough is replaced with compassion and kindness.

Our vital life-force energy is restored and we are free to lead more authentic & meaningful lives – on our terms!