Over the last year I’ve become an avid Podcast & YouTube fan.  I just love the flexibility of these channels.  You can listen to them in your car, whilst cooking, cleaning, walking…Well, that’s where I listen to mine!

I personally have learnt so much from listening to them.

We know that what we listen to and watch has a massive impact on our unconscious minds.  That’s why I choose to watch and listen to inspirational and interesting channels.  Things that will feed my soul and raise my vibration!

Since launching The Sunshine Project in 2012 I’ve been fortune enough to collaborate, meet and become friends with some of the most amazing counsellors, healers, coaches, and therapists who are all doing incredible things to make this world a better place.

I wanted to create a channel so I could interview these wise souls and also a place where I could share my journey and the lessons I’ve learnt along the way!

The Sunshine Channels will be a place were we discuss real issues, with real people, who are living real lives.  An authentic, open and honest place.  A place were we can have uncomfortable yet necessary conversations so that we can become a more conscious and aware society.

The aim of the channel is to dissolve social programming and conditioning in favour for what feels right for us – our truth.

We aim to speak from our hearts and be lead by our souls.  We might not get it right all of the time, but we will endeavour to be lead by what is right rather than what is comfortable.  Integrity is our guiding light.

It is my hope that our new Sunshine channel encourages self-care, gratitude, and wholehearted living.

May we all live shame-free, empowered & liberated lives!  May our hearts be soft and our boundaries firm!

Here’s the first episode – ‘Birthing, Breastfeeding & Motherhood’ with Carol Smyth IBCLC.  It was an emotional conversation at times.  I hope it resonates.  I hope it heals.  And most importantly, I hope you know that you are doing your very best as a mummy.

With love,

Michelle xx
The Sunshine Project